Tango Viejo Tallinn marathon | Registration
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Registration for Tango Viejo Tallinn Marathon is open.

Tango Viejo Tallinn Marathon 2024 will take place on April 26th-28th in Tallinn, Estonia.

Our marathon is a role balanced event for close embrace lovers. We accept 1oo participants max. Registration as a couple is preferable.

Marathon pass costs 120 euro per person and includes:

  • 5 milongas
  • old town guided tour
  • navigation class
Foods and drinks are not included in a price. As marathon participant you can get discount for lunch and dinner at Dzingel restaurant (10 and 15 euros for dancers). Payments for meals are provided at restaurant reception. Breakfast is included in a room price  (if you stay in Dzingel).
If you register as a couple, you get the final confirmation after we have received the payment for both dancers.
If your partner cannot come – find a replacement and confirm it with us.
If you have paid but your partner dropped out, we will offer you a replacement from the waiting list (if any are available). Such replacement is possible until the March 31.
Return of payment is not provided.
After you fill in the form and submit it, you are automatically redirected back to the registration page.
After you submit the registration form, a copy of it is sent to your email.
Do not try to re-register before you check your inbox (sometimes the letter from us can land in the Spam folder). If you have not received an automatic response in several minutes, (just check your Spam folder before resubmitting registration again ) fill in the form and submit it again.
We consider the applicants and send an answer during 14 days. If you have not received an answer in 14 days, please write to us.
Please arrange your trip and accommodation only after we have confirmed your participation. We are expecting the payment during two weeks starting from the day when your participation has been confirmed. If you need more time to pay, write to us to keep your place in the Marathon.

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