Tango Viejo Tallinn marathon | About us
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About us

We are growing and becoming adult, but we still believe in fairy tale, just like we did in childhood. We know for a fact that we were kings and queens once, and our Narnia is not far away. Our dance is just a pretext to be closer to our dream and to each other. We meet at the Castle Glehn again to forget about the outside world for three days, to dance, laugh and be happy and we invite you to experience this fairy tale together!


Our marathon is open for everybody who can share our love and understanding of tango. We love the Golden Age music, a good Ronda, friendly dancers, good connection and close embrace, spring, good food and harmony with the others. We remember that the good balance helps to have good atmosphere, and we hope it is important for you too.


We expect you at the castle from 28th to 30th of April. You are also welcome to the pre-party on the 27th of April and the after-party on the 30th of April at Kohvik Legend (N├Ámme spordikeskus). The venue for another after-party on the 1st of May we will announce soon.


See at the welcoming of spring at Castle Glenn!


Sincerely yours,
Olesya and Viejo Tallinn Team