Tango Viejo Tallinn marathon | About us
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About us

Non-profit organization La Cumparsita Tango S├Ápruskond organizes tango events in Estonia since 2013.


Our marathon and weekend are open for everybody who can share our love and understanding of tango. We love the Golden Age music, a good Ronda, friendly dancers, good connection and close embrace, good food and harmony with the others. We remember that the good balance helps to have good atmosphere, and we hope it is important for you too.


Tango Viejo Tallinn Marathon takes place every year in April or May nearly close to the Mayday on May 1st. Marathon has traditional registration procedure and hosts events like day and night milongas, navigation class, Old Town guided tour and pre- or after-parties.
Golden Tango Weekend is our smaller but similarly same warm and cozy event which takes place in mid October. Along with the day and night milongas we offer classes with an experienced international teachers and lecture or movie about culture of Tango. Registration is divided on 2 stages. Registration for couples is a 1st stage and registration for single followers and leaders opens later.
Both events are role balanced.


See at the welcoming of spring or golden autumn in Tallinn, Estonia!


Sincerely yours,
Olesya and Viejo Tallinn Team