Tango Viejo Tallinn marathon | Locations
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The venue for the main milongas is the Glehn Castle (Vana-Mustamäe 48, Tallinn). It is situaded within the city boundaries.

This is an old castle with a romantic past and a 200 sq m dance floor, one of the favourite spots for weddings and photo sessions. It is a student club and also starred as Baskerville Hall in a Sherlock Holmes movie. In the surrounding park, there are the palm house, the statue of legendary hero Kalevipoeg, and the „dragon“ statue. Nearby, there is an open-air swimming pool and a rope park.

Pre-parties on the 1th of May and 2nd of May and the after-party on the 5th of May at Kohvik Legend (Nõmme spordikeskus) – Külmallika 15a, Tallinn.