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Golden Tango Weekend

Golden Tango Weekend

October 19th-22th, 2023

Tallinn, Estonia

How often have you visited a marathon and later felt that though everything seemed good,
something important had been missed? The music was ok, you danced and chatted with
friends, but at the end of the day, instead of feeling content and satisfied, you just felt that
energy was drained away and tiredness had come along with emptiness, and it seemed
that all was a copy paste feeling after a tango event. You miss those first days of your
tango journey when every milonga and every lesson gave you such inspiration and hunger
to know more, to dance more, to feel more. It was the bliss of true tango!

It was the whole different world!

Our aim as organizers is to make you feel the inspiration and euphoria! To reload your
sensitivity and perception of tango music, to share your ideas with friends and the like-
minded. We will watch a movie together, spend time together, dance and chat, be heard
and speak up. Let’s enjoy this weekend like a big family on vacation. Whatever you
choose, to dance or to have brunch in a hotel restaurant, you always will be surrounded by
happy faces of your tango peers. Dance like you’re at a marathon, borrow new ideas from
an attentive experienced teacher, listen to the history of tango and sip coffee in the yard under pines!

This weekend is meant to immerse you in the Golden age galaxy!

Olesya and Viejo Tallinn team

What have we prepared for you?


– 5 day and night milongas to complete your marathon-like experience!


– 7 workshops with a very experienced teacher, who will give you more ideas on how to enrich your technical and musical vocabulary for better experience at milongas

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– 1 Tango movie night with lecture about history and culture of tango and a short practica after that (Thursday night)

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– Comfortable stay in the same venue where milongas and lessons will take place

How can you trust us to provide such an inspiring weekend?

The first prototype of Golden Tango Weekend was our first event in 2013 (yes, 10 years ago) – Golden Fall Weekend, which we organized on the occasion of the same teacher coming to Tallinn. Here are feedbacks from the past years:

“Dear Olesya!


Thank you for these 2 beautiful days! Special thanks for today´s milonga!! :)))”



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“Thank you Olga and Viacheslav, for the endless love to your work and so inspiring elegance that you have as personalities and dancers! Thank you for all the small details you noticed and took care in the lesson I could be part of. Thank you for sharing the dancing at the milonga. Will always love to meet you again!”



“Dear Olja and Slava,

our very special Estonian composer Arvo Pärt said once „… I have discovered that it is enough when a single note is beautifully played“. Your way of dancing and teaching is like this single note, pure and tender. My deepest thanks!

Dear Olesya,

you two  were amazing going through all these long days with a sunny smile. Thank you bringing us those “beautiful notes”! Big and lovely hug!”



“Aitäh! Thank you! Спасибо! “


“Many thanks Olesya!”



“Great thanks, Olesya! Milonga was very-very beautiful!”



“Thank You All! Big thanks to Olesya, Organizators, Teachers and Tango Tallinn! See You soon!:)”


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Who is the teacher?

Slava Ivanov is very well known in Tallinn, which he visits every 6 months with his workshops.
Slava Ivanov lives in Slovenia, but travels across Europe to share his ideas of dancing tango in small space, his incredible musicality, and his specific method of working with the same students for a long period of time on a regular basis.

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Slava left Moscow, where he had had his own tango school with over 200 students, before it became mainstream, in 2015. He and his partner Olga moved to Ljubljana (Slovenia), where they started teaching regular classes and organized events such as milongas, workshop weekends, and tango camps for their students. Both Slava and Olya were among Olesya’s (the organizer of Viejo Tallinn) first international teachers. Slava regularly came to Tallinn, and, thanks to his influence, our local community advanced significantly in social dancing in a close embrace. New comfort and subtle playful movements with interesting interpretations of rhythmic patterns and lyrical structure of tango music make his students very recognisable at milongas. This time we persuaded Slava to teach us some rather rare topics (do you know how to work with such things as piernasos?) and provide us with new ideas of musicality as his musicality lessons are very recognisable marks of his teaching and dancing style. We hope that you will enjoy workshops with Slava as much as we have been enjoying them during all these years.

You can register for each lesson separately. Also, you can buy all lessons in a package with the marathon pass. If you wish to participate in lessons but you don’t have a partner for that, please ask around before we open registration for single leaders and followers (it will be opened mid-September). Also, you can write to the organizer (Marina) and let her know that you need help in finding a partner.
Follow our FB event  for more info

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Choose your package

1 Crazy Day Pass

3 lessons + Night milonga
75 eurper person

One day package

Available for Saturday and Sunday only. Package includes 3 lessons and evening milonga.

Delicious Full Pass

5 milongas + 7 lessons + movie nignt!
165 eurper person

Full Pass Package

It’s simply designed for true energized tango lovers! 5 milongas, 7 classes and movie night!

How to find us?

Welcome to hotel Dzingel!

HOTEL DZINGEL is located in the midst of the greenery of Nõmme, a 15-minute drive from the Old Town of Tallinn, 6 km from the airport and 8 km from the passenger port. The 9-storey hotel with its 330 spacious and well-appointed rooms is a comfortable and affordable place to stay for both business and leisure travellers. Catering at the hotel is provided by the Dzingel Restaurant and Café. During the summer, guests have access to the spacious green courtyard with a terrace bar and lounge.

Workshops and milongas will take place at Dzingel conference center on the 2nd floor.

Address: Männiku tee 89, 11213 Tallinn

Weekend program

Milongas and tango movie:


18:00 – 21:00, Thursday, October 19th


20:00 – 1:00, Friday, October 20th


13:00 – 18:00, Saturday, October 21th

20:00 – 1:00, Saturday, October 21th


13:00 – 18:00, Sunday, October 22th

19:00 – 23:00, Sunday, October 22th


You can separately register for the lessons from the weekend milonga package

Mini-course 1. “Ne me quitte pas*”. Close close close embrace. (Any level *)

  • Friday 18:30 – 20:00 – Lesson 1. “Must have” milonguero set. Ideas for close close close embrace.
  • Saturday 13:00 – 14:30 – Lesson 2. The magic of Crosses. Approach to maybe one of the most popular figure from the point of view of Creativity and Improvisation.
  • Saturday 15:00 – 16:30 – Lesson 3. “Harmony and Conflict”**. Dancing in Parallel and Cross system. Working on different ideas about the expression during dancing. The inspiration will be taken of course from the Music

Mini-course 2. “Expression”. (Intermediate-Advanced level)

  • Sunday 13:00 – 14.30 – lesson 5. “Tornado” turns. Prolonged extended expressed turns. Sharing the Axis.
  • Sunday 15:00 – 16.30 – lesson 6. “Free leg”. Let’s work with a Shape (of the movement). The moments of Art. Boleo/Engancho/Piernasos.

Mini-course 3. “Musicality”. (Any level *)

  • Saturday 16.45 – 18:15 – Lesson 4. “Son cosas del Bandoneon”. “Variaciones”-challenge. Playing with the rhythm, long phrases in “every beat” mode.
  • Sunday 16:45 – 18:15 – Lesson 7. The power of the weak beat. Syncopas.


* “Don’t leave me” (french)

** This workshop belongs to three blocks: “Close embrace”, “Expression” and “Musicality” :))

* “Any level” – here it means that dancers of any level can participate and find something interesting and useful at this class.

For classes of block 1 it’s recommended to know what is “close embrace” (if you never tried to dance in close embrace then maybe it can be too hard..)

The class number 4 (“Son cosas del Bandoneon”) will be connected with quite fast movement, but since it’s a “challenge” i marked it “for any level”. I think it’s worth to try! (Slava)


1 class costs 22 eur per person
2 classes – 40 eur
3 classes – 60 eur
4 classes – 75 eur
5 classes – 90 eur
6 classes – 100 eur
7 classes – 110 eur

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